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A series of unordered recall tasks was administered to groups of congenitally deaf subjects for whom American Sign Language (ASL) is the principal means of communication. A suffix effect was observed when an ASL sign was suffixed to a list of ASL signs (Experiment 1), and when a line drawing of an ASL sign was suffixed to a list of line drawings of ASL(More)
A few modifications to software and/or hardware of routers have been proposed recently to avoid the transient micro loops that can occur during the convergence of link-state interior gateway protocols like IS-IS and OSPF. We1 propose in this paper a technique that does not require modifications to ISIS and OSPF, and that can be applied now by ISPs. Roughly,(More)
BACKGROUND Canine rabies is one of the most important and feared zoonotic diseases in the world. In some regions rabies elimination is being successfully coordinated, whereas in others rabies is endemic and continues to spread to uninfected areas. As epidemics emerge, both accepted and contentious control methods are used, as questions remain over the most(More)
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