Mike Sandiford

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An important challenge in geomorphology is the reconciliation of the high fluvial incision rates observed in tectonically active mountain ranges with the long-term preservation of significant mountain-range relief in ancient, tectonically inactive orogenic belts. River bedrock erosion and sediment transport are widely recognized to be the principal controls(More)
This paper has undertaken a review of current and future costs of three forms of renewable energy technology, comparing data from a range of international and Australian-specific studies, taking care to compare data on the same basis of financial assumptions (discount rates) and resource quality. The purpose was to compare both the current costs, along with(More)
Subduction modifies the cycling of Earth's volatile elements. Fluid-rich sediments and hydrated oceanic lithosphere enter the convecting mantle at subduction zones. Some of the sediments and volatile components are released from the subducting slab, promote mantle melting and are returned to the surface by volcanism. The remainder continue into the deeper(More)
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