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BACKGROUND To our knowledge, there are no epidemiologic studies on the association between cognitive impairment and noncompliance with antihypertensive therapy. We studied compliance with antihypertensive treatment in elderly patients with cognitive impairment. METHODS The Rotterdam Study is a prospective community-based cohort study of 7983 residents >(More)
Confounding by indication is a term used when a variable is a risk factor for a disease among nonexposed persons and is associated with the exposure of interest in the population from which the cases derive, without being an intermediate step in the causal pathway between the exposure and the disease. However, in the literature, the term confounding by(More)
A nine years old female child with malnutrition who showed, six months before admission, a number of clinical manifestations consistent with leukemia. The outstanding clinical manifestation during her hospital stay was that of pericarditis with effusion, which was found associated with pericardial leukemic infiltration. The final picture was that of(More)