Mike Reiter

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We describe our current work in developing novel mechanisms for managing security and privacy in pervasive computing environments. More specifically, we have developed and evaluated three different applications, including a contextual instant messenger, a people finder application, and a phone-based application for access control. We also draw out some(More)
Most past solutions for detecting denial of service attacks (and identifying the perpetrators) have targeted end-node victims. However, little attention has been given to this problem from an ISP perspective. This paper explores the key challenges involved in helping an ISP network detect attacks on itself or attacks on external sites which use the ISP(More)
Studies have showed significant convenience in remembering pictorial representation of passwords over the textual passwords. The motivation behind exploring a graphical password scheme is based on the remarkable ability of humans to recall pictures easily. In this paper we are presenting the novel approaches for security of pure recall based techniques with(More)
Excitation spectra of ^{11}C are measured in the ^{12}C(p,d) reaction near the η^{'} emission threshold. A proton beam extracted from the synchrotron SIS-18 at GSI with an incident energy of 2.5 GeV impinges on a carbon target. The momenta of deuterons emitted at 0° are precisely measured with the fragment separator (FRS) operated as a spectrometer. In(More)
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