Mike Paglione

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It is widely recommended by both academia and industry that today's technology and software engineering students be well prepared for industry before graduation, especially given global outsourcing and other trends. Various methods have been developed to ensure student readiness, including co-ops and capstone courses. These approaches increasingly use(More)
An aircraft conflict probe is a strategic tool used by the air traffic controller to predict aircraft flight paths and to identify future conflicts. The FAA has designated the strategic conflict probe as a core function for the future ground based systems required for “Free Flight”. With these systems under development, there is a need for a generic set of(More)
The En Route Automation Modernization (ERAM) system is the Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) automation platform used to manage air traffic at 20 en route centers in the US. This paper describes the trajectory model in the currently operational ERAM system and presents an approach to enhance ERAM's aircraft performance model with a high fidelity(More)
Air traffic scenarios based on recorded live data are essential for the development, testing and evaluation of air traffic automation. It is often desirable to modify the live data to introduce additional encounters and conflicts because live data generally contains no conflicts. To this end a genetic algorithm (GA) has been developed that time shifts(More)
Most commercial aircraft today have advanced navigation computer systems, referred to as the Flight Management System or FMS. In recent years, the FMS has been increasingly utilized to support a type of performance-based navigation that allows an aircraft to fly a specific path between two defined 3-dimensional points in space. However, current deployed FMS(More)
Accurate trajectory prediction is the cornerstone for future Air Traffic Management (ATM) concepts worldwide. To this purpose, researchers from Airservices Australia, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and EUROCONTROL have collaborated on research into this important topic. Trajectory prediction is the process in which the future trajectory of an(More)
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