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[1] A multitude of sensitivity studies in the literature point to the importance of proper chemical and morphological characterization of particles when the radiative impacts of airborne dusts are modeled. However, the community data set is based on heterogeneous measurement methods relying on varying aerodynamic, chemical, morphological, and optical means.(More)
For 26 days in mid-June and July 2000, a research group comprised of US Navy, NASA, and university scientists conducted the Puerto Rico Dust Experiment (PRIDE). In this manuscript we give an overview to the PRIDE campaign, mean meteorological conditions during the campaign, and present our findings on African dust transported into the Caribbean utilizing(More)
The characteristics of Roman Catholic women in today's society were investigated. Subjects were 154 Catholic women, both religious and lay, who participated on a volunteer basis. The Catholic lay women (111) were divided into two groups: those who attended a Catholic elementary school (63) and those who attended a non-Catholic elementary school (48).(More)
The effective charge state is an important particle parameter which is required for the calculation of many effects concerning the interaction between radiation and matter such as an estimate of the radial dose of swift heavy projectiles, stopping power and so on. A new method for the determination of effective charge states of heavy ions is based on the(More)
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