Mike McPartlin

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An innovative architecture for a dual-band front-end module (FEM) for WiFi and MIMO radios is presented. The FEM consists of a dual-band power amplifier and a SP3T switch-plexer. The SP3T switch-plexer has a SP3T switch and an integrated Rx diplexer. Tx switch paths show 0.1 dB compression at ≫ 33.5 dBm with ≪1 dB insertion loss (IL) along(More)
A highly integrated 4.9-5.9 GHz single chip front-end IC (FEIC) is presented, which is based on SiGe BiCMOS, realized in a 1.6 mm2 chip area and in an ultra-compact 1.7 × 2.0 × 0.33 mm3 package. The Tx chain has >30 dB gain and meets -40 dB DEVM up to Pout of 15 dBm and -35 dB DEVM up to Pout of 17 dBm with a 3.3 V supply, insensitive to(More)
The electrical and thermal performance scaling from transistor to array was studied in this paper to help improve the predictive modeling of the electrical-thermal behavior of bipolar arrays. The dc and ac performance scales well at low bias but not to the medium and high bias because thermal resistance does not scale to the total emitter area. It is(More)
In this work, the thermal coupling resistance (R12) between the reference transistor and the output transistor in a current mirror is characterized by two different measurement techniques: the constant voltage, and the constant current R12 extractions. The extracted R12 from both methods are very similar. The constant voltage method is deemed to be more(More)
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