Mike McDonald

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Variable speed limits have great potential for smoothing traffic and increasing traffic safety. In this study, safety impacts of variable speed limits applications on motorways have been assessed by using microscopic simulation. The main factors considered include range of speed limits, penetration rates, and enforcement levels. The study results show that(More)
Driver headway has recently become an important question with much attention being given to unsafe headway or 'tailgating'. This paper reviews a series of recent studies undertaken at the University of Southampton, which have sought to measure and model distance keeping, demonstrating how following distance depends on a wide range of factors, some of which(More)
This paper describes a general framework for safety evaluation of autonomous intelligent cruise control in rear-end collisions. Using data and specifications from prototype devices, two collision models are developed. One model considers a train of four cars, one of which is equipped with autonomous intelligent cruise control. This model considers the car(More)
Usability must be defined specifically for the context of use of the particular system under investigation. This specific context of use should also be used to guide the definition of specific usability criteria and the selection of appropriate evaluation methods. There are four principles which can guide the selection of evaluation methods, relating to the(More)
Current traffic microsimulation tools are usually of limit use for evaluating the operations of pedestrian-involved systems, especially under unsignalized conditions (e.g. jaywalking and mid-block pedestrian crossings are not typically modeled), due to insufficient understandings of Pedestrian-Vehicle Interaction (PVI) behavior at such locations. This paper(More)
In-vehicle information systems (IVIS) can be controlled by the user via direct or indirect input devices. In order to develop the next generation of usable IVIS, designers need to be able to evaluate and understand the usability issues associated with these two input types. The aim of this study was to investigate the effectiveness of a set of empirical(More)