Mike Margolis

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This study examines individual behavior in two well-functioning marketplaces to investigate whether market experience eliminates the endowment effect. Field evidence from both markets suggests that individual behavior converges to the neoclassical prediction as market experience increases. In an experimental test of whether these observations are due to(More)
In a prospective longitudinal study, 1099 first grade children from Aiken, South Carolina, and 1086 children from Portland, Maine, were examined annually for 3 years. Caries prevalence and dmfs incidence were determined. The mean dmfs in Portland children was 2.9. In Aiken, white children had a mean dmfs of 8.4, and black children had a mean dmfs of 10.2.(More)
Focus is on the anti-abortion campaign in the United States as an extreme example of the operations of pressure groups. The history of the abortion controversy is reviewed, and recent activities of anti-abortion groups in the state of Pennsylvania are assessed. Abortion -- an extremely divisive issue -- is irresolvable by ordinary political process. 2(More)
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