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Variations in the gross morphology of quadriceps femoris were assessed in 40 cadavers. An additional (fifth) head was present in about one third of the limbs. Distally, fusion between vastus lateralis and vastus intermedius varied from almost complete fusion to less than one third of the interface between the muscles. Discrete tendinous laminae arising from(More)
1. Male rats were undernourished either during the gestational and suckling periods or for a period of time immediately following weaning. Some rats were killed at the end of the period of undernutrition; others were nutritionally rehabilitated for lengthy periods of time before examination. Two muscles, the extensor digitorum longus (EDL) and soleus (SOL)(More)
1. The contractile properties of soleus and extensor digitorum longus muscles from animals at 12 months of age whose mothers had been undernourished during pregnancy and lactation (PU rats) have been compared with those of muscles from ge-matched controls. 2. Body-weight and muscle wet weight of PU rats was significantly reduced. Muscle:body-weight values(More)
Histological, histochemical and morphometric methods were used to investigate the cricopharyngeus muscle in the guinea-pig and to compare it with the extensor digitorum longus and soleus muscles. The cricopharyngeus comprised uniformly small diameter fibres otherwise similar in appearance to those found in skeletal limb muscles. Several fibre type profiles(More)
The present study of the back muscles of the rabbit, using enzyme histochemical techniques and stereological methods, was undertaken with the view to gaining a better understanding of the fiber-type make-up of the lumbar musculature of this animal. The muscles considered were the multifidus, sacrospinalis and the intertransversarii between levels L5 and L6.(More)
Anatomical literature on the radial nerve predominantly features inter-individual variations, with comparatively few studies investigating intra-individual variations. The radial nerve has a complex and variable course, particularly in relation to the location at which the nerve bifurcates to form the superficial branch of the radial nerve and the posterior(More)
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