Mike Mabey

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—The digital forensics community has neglected email forensics as a process, despite the fact that email remains an important tool in the commission of crime. At present, there exists little support for discovering, acquiring, and analyzing web-based email, despite its widespread use. In this paper we present a systematic process for email forensics which(More)
Researchers have developed forensic analysis techniques for so many types of digital media that there is a procedure for almost every digital media that a law enforcement officer may encounter at a crime scene. However, a new type of device has started to gain momentum in the consumer market: web thin clients. These web thin clients are characterized by(More)
Digital forensic analysis techniques have been significantly improved and 4 evolved in past decade but we still face a lack of effective forensic analysis tools to 5 tackle diverse incidents caused by emerging technologies and the advances in cyber 6 crime. In this paper, we propose a comprehensive framework to address the effica-7 cious deficiencies of(More)
Large and complex systems, such as the Smart Grid, are often best understood through the use of modeling and simulation. In particular, the task of assessing a complex sys-tem's risks and testing its tolerance and recovery under various attacks has received considerable attention. However, such tedious tasks still demand a systematic approach to model and(More)
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