Mike Laliberte

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We investigated adaptation to nitrogen narcosis by compressing 11 highly experienced divers in a hyperbaric chamber to the equivalent of 54.6 meters of seawater once a day for 5 consecutive days. The behavioral component of narcosis was assessed with a serial choice-reaction time (RT) task, and the subjective component with a global magnitude estimate.(More)
The distribution of Bodipy GM1 in monolayers of binary and ternary lipid mixtures with coexisting fluid and ordered phases has been examined using a combination of atomic force microscopy and near-field scanning optical microscopy. Monolayers deposited at high (30 mN/m) and low (5 or 10 mN/m) surface pressures were examined and compared to those containing(More)
Intranasal corticosteroids are increasingly used to treat allergic rhinitis and their long-term use is generally safe. However, the long-term safety of each molecule should be assessed. The main aim of this multicenter, prospective, randomized, open-label study was to evaluate the effect of triamcinolone acetonide aqueous intranasal spray on nasal mucosal(More)
In rodents, maternal immunoglobulins are transported intact by the yolk-sac visceral epithelium from mother to fetus. The main purpose of the present paper is to study the dynamics of the uptake and transport of immunoglobulins by the rat yolk-sac using a new experimental design. The results show the rapid binding of IgG to the cell membrane microvilli(More)
BACKGROUND The main objective of this long-term prospective local safety study was to evaluate endoscopic and histologic changes in nasal epithelium after 6-month treatment with triamcinolone acetonide (TAA). We describe here a method to measure quantitatively epithelium thickness. Results were compared with those seen with the use of cetirizine (an(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Nerve growth factor (NGF) and NGF receptors have been shown to be expressed by structural and infiltrating inflammatory cells in the human allergic bronchial mucosa and conjunctiva. In the nose, a positive immunostaining for NGF was recently reported in biopsies of subjects undergoing surgery for refractory nasal obstruction. This(More)
Angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) was localized by immunocytochemical methods in the rat adrenal gland. The three-layer peroxidase-antiperoxidase method was used with light and electron microscopy. At the cortical level, ACE immunoreactivity occurred only on the luminal side of vascular endothelial cell membranes in the adrenal capsule, whereas no ACE(More)
We have previously shown that angiotensin I-converting enzyme (ACE) was expressed by epithelial cells of the rabbit gastric mucosa. In a search to obtain a cell model to study the regulation of ACE expression of gastric origin and its relationship with gastrin-cholecystokinin peptides, which have been proposed as ACE substrates, we investigated whether the(More)
BACKGROUND Autologous fat grafts supplemented with adipose-derived stromal vascular fraction are used in reconstructive and cosmetic breast procedures. Stromal vascular fraction contains adipose-derived stem cells that are thought to encourage wound healing, tissue regeneration, and graft retention. Although use of stromal vascular fraction has provided(More)
Divers breathing compressed air at depths beyond 30 m experience a type of behavioural impairment known as inert gas narcosis. This condition degrades performance on a wide range of tasks and has the potential to compromise safety. Symptoms associated with narcosis include slowed response time, amnesia, and euphoria. Studies have also found disturbances to(More)