Mike Kennerley

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Describes the development and testing of a structured methodology for the design of performance measurement systems. Frameworks, such as the balanced scorecard and the performance prism, have been proposed, but until recently little attention has been devoted to the question of how these frameworks can be populated, i.e. how managers can decide specifically(More)
The effectiveness of performance measurement is an issue of growing importance to industrialists and academics alike. Many organisations are investing considerable amounts of resource implementing measures that reflect all dimensions of their performance. Consideration is being given to what should be measured today, but little attention is being paid to(More)
Commentators suggest that between 30 and 60% of large US firms have adopted the Balanced Scorecard, first described by Bob Kaplan and David Norton in their seminal Harvard Business Review paper of 1992 (Kaplan and Norton, 1992; Neely and Marr, 2003). Empirical evidence that explores the performance impact of the balanced scorecard, however, is extremely(More)
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