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5-androstenediol (5-AED) has been advanced as a possible countermeasure for treating the haematological component of acute radiation syndrome (ARS). It has been used in animal models to stimulate both innate and adaptive immunity and treat infection and radiation-induced immune suppression. We here report on the safety, tolerability and haematologic(More)
The adrenal glands are the primary source of mineralocorticoids, glucocorticoids, and the so-called adrenal androgens. Under physiological conditions, cortisol and adrenal androgen synthesis are controlled primarily by ACTH. Although it is well established that ACTH can stimulate steroidogenesis in the human adrenal gland, the effect of ACTH on overall(More)
/RÉSUMÉ In this paper, the authors analyse the role of asset market prices in the formation of monetary policy with particular reference to equity markets, a concern for policy makers in the late 1990s. While asset prices have potentially valuable supplementary information for monetary policy makers, they are hard to interpret because of their inherent(More)
for their invaluable skills in interpretation and analysis of spatial data that makes this type of project possible. In addition, I would like to thank several people that provided input and review including: Disclaimers This study should be considered a preliminary and coarse-scale natural capital account for the Greenbelt. It is a first step towards a(More)
Interests of the Education SIG The SDS Education SIG has twin interests in publicising and enhancing both the contribution of SD to Education Management and the evolution of the contribution of SD to the curriculum-in both cases the interest spans the whole span of education from K-12 (schools) to Higher Education. The Education Special Interest Group (SIG)(More)
These reviewers provided feedback on the guide text, but were not involved in the vendor survey. We also thank, from the for their input and assistance with the guide. Finally, we'd like to extend our sincere thanks to the offset vendors that participated in this survey. This guide offers general information for individuals, businesses, and organizations(More)
Employers recognize that the cost of ill-health remains one open to modification. As such, well-designed health promotion programs have a place on the agenda of workplaces. Beyond awareness and education, however, sustainable and effective change in health status and related cost require changes in behaviour. With a deeper understanding of the individual,(More)
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