Mike J. O’Brien

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This study is a retrospective multi-centre analysis of changes in spino-pelvic sagittal alignment after surgical correction of L5–S1 developmental spondylolisthesis. The purpose of this study was to determine how sagittal spino-pelvic alignment is affected by surgery, with the hypothesis that surgical correction at the lumbo-sacral level is associated with(More)
The performance of parallel Monte Carlo transport calculations which use both spatial and particle parallelism is increased by dynamically assigning processors to the most worked domains. Since the particle work load varies over the course of the simulation, each cycle this algorithm determines if dynamic load balancing would speed up the calculation. If(More)
In this paper, we present results which show that cartel formation can still be observed in a completely deterministic model where myopic firms compete through price in finite time. The firms are spatially differentiated and take turns with their neighboring firms in setting prices. Among the different possible dynamic scenarios, we focus attention on those(More)
Title of Document: PHYTOPLANKTON DYNAMICS AND HARMFUL ALGAL SPECIES IN THE POTOMAC RIVER ESTUARY Meghann E. Niesen, Master of Science, 2013 Directed By: Lora A. Harris, Assistant Professor Marine Estuarine Environmental Science Phytoplankton populations are a primary driver of chemical and biological dynamics and are therefore important sentinel organisms(More)
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