Mike J. Hedley

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Experimental measurements of phosphorus (P) uptake and the forms of soil P depleted from an Ultisol by 6 upland rice cultivars are reported. In both P-fertilized and-unfertilized soil, the majority of P taken up was solubilized from a 0.1 M NaOH-soluble pool by root-induced changes. The soil pH within 4 mm of the roots was lowered by up to 0.5 units (from(More)
In areas that remain unaffected by industrial pollution soil acidification is mainly caused by the release of protons (H+) during the oxidation of carbon (C), sulphur (S) and nitrogen (N) compounds in soils. In this review the processes of H+ ions release during N cycling and its effect on soil acidification are examined. The major processes leading to(More)
A simplified procedure for determining the amount of phosphate (P) extracted from soils by ion exchange resin membranes is reported. Strips of anion (HCO 3 - form) and cation (Na+ form) exchange membrane were shaken with suspensions of soil in deionised water for 16–17 hours. After shaking, the strips were thoroughly rinsed in deionised water before the(More)
The phase of an image obtained with many magnetic resonance imaging techniques is related to some physical variable of interest. This phase needs to be unwrapped, which is complicated by the presence of noise and multiple objects of irregular shape. A new two-dimensional phase unwrapping algorithm is presented, along with simulation results.
The vent-hosted hydrothermal system of Ruapehu volcano is normally covered by a c. 10 million m3 acidic crater lake where volcanic gases accumulate. Through analysis of eruption observations, granulometry, mineralogy and chemistry of volcanic ash from the 1995^1996 Ruapehu eruptions we report on the varying influences on environmental hazards associated(More)
Pathogen Transmission Routes Research Program, describing pathogen pathways from farm animals to water bodies and measures that can reduce or prevent through the deposition of faeces by grazing animals directly into waterways in New Zealand. Bridging of streams intersected by farm raceways is an appropriate mitigation measure to prevent direct deposition(More)
The objective of this work was to develop and evaluate a soil test suitable for estimating the phosphorus status of soils whether they were fertilized with soluble or sparingly soluble P fertilizers or both. Four New Zealand soils of contrasting P sorption capacity and exchangeable Ca content were incubated alone or with monocalcium phosphate (MCP),(More)
Soil tests suitable for estimating the phosphorus (P) status of soils fertilised with soluble or sparingly soluble P fertilisers (reactive phosphate rock) were evaluated using the New Zealand Ministry of Agriculture Technology (NZMAFTech) ‘National Series forms of phosphate trials’ on permanent pastures located throughout NZ. This included a common core of(More)
The effect of rooting media Cu concentration (0.05–20 mg Cu L-1) on amino acid concentrations and copper speciation in the xylem sap of chicory and tomato plants was measured using 6 week old plants grown in a nutrient film technique system (NFT). Irrespective of the Cu concentration in the nutrient solutions, more than 99.68% and 99.74% of total Cu in(More)
The uptake and distribution of copper was examined in chicory (Cichorium intybus L. cv. Grasslands Puna) and tomato (Lycopersicon esculentumMill. cv. Rondy) plants grown in a Nutrient Film Technique System (NFT) with addition of 0.05, 5, 10 and 20 mg Cu L-1. Biomass production of shoots and roots of both chicory and tomato was strongly depressed by Cu(More)