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Three isolates of bovine astrovirus, one from the United Kingdom and two from the United States, possessed common antigens by immunofluorescence and strain-specific antigens by neutralization and were designated as two, and probably three, distinct serotypes. The isolate US2, despite being a different serotype, possessed the same restrictive cell tropism(More)
OBJECTIVES To examine young doctors' views on a number of professional issues including professional regulation, multidisciplinary teamwork, priority setting, clinical autonomy and private practice. METHOD Postal survey of 545 doctors who graduated from United Kingdom medical schools in 1995. RESULTS Questionnaires were returned by 95% of the cohort(More)
the discovery of antitoxins (von Behring and Kitasato), the standardization of toxins and anti-toxins, the distinction between active and passive immunization (Ehrlich), bacteriolysis (Pfeiffer), haemolysis, agglutination of blood corpuscles as a diagnostic test, the opsonic index, and prophylaxis and treatment of many diseases by vaccines. In certain(More)
Field trials in West Africa have shown the value of the estimation of serum immunoglobulin M (IgM) levels as a screening test in endemic trypanosomiasis areas. A further field trial carried out in the Democratic Republic of the Congo is described. The technique used, based on double diffusion on an agar plate, gave consistent results in skilled hands, but(More)
For many years scientists have examined the possible existence of extra-sensory perception (ESP). One of the most common types of experiment, referred to as a 'forced choice' study, involves participants attempting to guess the identity of hidden targets that have been randomly selected from a set of alternatives known to participants prior to making their(More)