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In magnetocardiography, averaging of QRS complexes is often used to improve the signal-to-noise ratio. However, averaging of QRS complexes ignores the variation in amplitude and shape of the signals caused, for example, by respiration. This may lead to suppression of signal portions within the QRS complexes. Furthermore, for inverse source, reconstructions(More)
OBJECTIVE In this paper we present an attempt at noninvasive imaging of distributed myocardial electrical activity in patients suffering from myocardial infarction and in healthy subjects. Although advances have been made, noninvasive three-dimensional imaging of cardiac electrophysiological activity is still in its infancy and extending our knowledge of(More)
month Don ald Trump an nounced his in ten tion to with draw the United States from the Paris cli mate ac cord. For his sup port ers, it pro vided evidence, at last, that the pres i dent is a man of his word. He may not have kept many cam paign prom ises, but he kept this one. For his nu mer ous crit ics it is just an other sign of how lit tle Trump cares(More)
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