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This paper investigates a new class of 2-player games in continuous time, in which the players' observations of each other's actions are distorted by Brownian motions. These games are analogous to repeated games with imperfect monitoring in which the players take actions frequently. Using a differential equation we find the set E(r) of payoff pairs(More)
SUMMARY This flimsy was developed to document the work being accomplished by the FAA to assess alternatives for providing PNT services when GNSS is not available due to RFI. Purpose This paper will summarize the scope and initial results of an alternative analysis being performed by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Navigation Services Directorate(More)
We consider a seller who wishes to sell K goods by time T. Potential buyers enter IID over time and are patient. At any point in time, profit is maximized by awarding the good to the agent with the highest valuation exceeding a cutoff. These cutoffs are characterized by a one-period-look-ahead rule and are deterministic, depending only on the number of(More)
Positioning, Navigation, and Timing (PNT) services provide both essential (safety and security) and economically beneficial applications worldwide in the 21 st century. Whether users are ground-based or sea-based or in the air, their primary go-to source of P and N and T is a Global Navigation Satellites System (GNSS). While the transition of various(More)
Produced by the Met Office © Crown copyright 2004 04/0207 Met Office and the Met Office logo are registered trademarks Summary The Hadley Centre has developed a method to estimate the uncertainty in climate models, the largest source of uncertainty in climate predictions over the next 50 years. Preliminary results suggest that: � the most likely global(More)
3 Foreword 5 The International Linear Collider: A Technical Progress Report marks the halfway point towards the Global Design Effort fulfilling its mandate to follow up the ILC Reference Design Report with a more optimised Technical Design Report (TDR) by the end of 2012. The TDR will be based on much of the work reported here and will contain all the(More)