Mike Hales

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pharmacological agents that are able to influence the pancreatic B-cell? Work in our laboratory has been generously funded by project/equipment grants to M. In trod uction In a number of cells, including the pancreatic B-cell, cytoplasmic free Ca2+ ([Ca2+Ii) has a fundamental role in signal transduction. Over the years we have +-induced CaZ + release. 'To(More)
A final report of RISE: RTOs in the service economy-Knowledge infrastructures, innovation intermediaries and institutional change RISE reports may be downloaded from: Abstract Chapter 1 Introduction-RTOs, actual and stereotypical, diverse Appx 1 RTOs, government and governance Appx 2 RTOs as suppliers in a hybrid economy of tacit and explicit innovation(More)
Alström syndrome (AS) is a complex disorder whose manifestations include retinal degeneration, sensorineural hearing loss, cardiomyopathy, liver fibrosis, and severe insulin resistance. It is caused by biallelic loss-of-function mutations in the ALMS1 gene, encoding a large centrosomal protein of poorly understood function. Although the syndrome encompasses(More)
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