Mike H Cardone

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Caspases are intracellular proteases that function as initiators and effectors of apoptosis. The kinase Akt and p21-Ras, an Akt activator, induced phosphorylation of pro-caspase-9 (pro-Casp9) in cells. Cytochrome c-induced proteolytic processing of pro-Casp9 was defective in cytosolic extracts from cells expressing either active Ras or Akt. Akt(More)
Proteasome inhibitors exhibit antitumor activity against malignancies of different histology. Yet, the mechanisms underlying this effect are poorly understood. Recent evidence indicates that antiapoptotic factors may also accumulate as a consequence of exposure to these drugs, possibly reducing their cytotoxicity. These include the Bcl-2 family member(More)
Signal transduction in mammalian cells is mediated by complex networks of interacting proteins. Understanding these networks at a circuit level requires devices to measure the amounts and activities of multiple proteins in a rapid and accurate manner. Ab microarrays have previously been applied to the quantification of labeled recombinant proteins and(More)
The cardiac troponin T (cTNT) pre-mRNA splices 17 exons contiguously but alternatively splices (includes or excludes) the fifth exon. Because both alternative splice products are processed from the same pre-mRNA species, the cTNT pre-mRNA must contain cis-acting sequences which specify exon 5 as an alternative exon. A cTNT minigene (SM-1) transfected into(More)
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