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Fluid secretion is essential for intestinal function and, in eutherian mammals, is driven by electrogenic Cl(-) transport, which is dependent upon a bumetanide-sensitive, basolateral Na(+)/K(+)/2 Cl(-) cotransporter, NKCC1. However, ileal secretion in the brushtail possum, a marsupial, involves a fundamentally different process, since NKCC1 expression is(More)
Human-driven global change is causing ongoing declines in biodiversity worldwide. In order to address these declines, decision-makers need accurate assessments of the status of and pressures on biodiversity. However, these are heavily constrained by incomplete and uneven spatial, temporal and taxonomic coverage. For instance, data from regions such as(More)
The colon of the brushtail possum does not have an electrogenic secretory response. Given the functional significance of electrogenic Cl− secretion in the intestine of eutherian mammals, we have investigated the secretory response in the small intestine of this marsupial. In the Ussing chamber cAMP-dependent secretagogues stimulated a sustained increase in(More)
We compared the management and outcome of 999 women with breast cancer presenting between 1982 and 1986 at two centres in a region, one in a teaching district. A comparison was also made with relevant research and The Kings Fund Consensus Statement. The centres frequently differed markedly in the investigations done, diagnostic procedures, histology(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare trends in the numbers of people with serious traffic injuries according to police statistics and hospital episode statistics (HES). DESIGN Descriptive study based on two independent population based data sources. SETTING Police statistics and hospital episode statistics in England. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES Rates of injury and death(More)
Fel-O-Vax FIV is an inactivated virus vaccine designed as an aid in the prevention of infection of cats, 8 weeks or older, by feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV). It contains two genetically distinct FIV strains. The efficacy of this vaccine was demonstrated in a vaccination-challenge study designed to meet various regulatory requirements for registering(More)