Mike G Pearson

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OBJECTIVES About 100,000 people present to hospitals each year in England with an epileptic seizure. How they are managed is unknown; thus, the National Audit of Seizure management in Hospitals (NASH) set out to assess prior care, management of the acute event and follow-up of these patients. This paper describes the data from the second audit conducted in(More)
BACKGROUND Selective amygdalohippocampectomy (SelAH) is increasingly performed in patients with mesial temporal lobe epilepsy and hippocampal sclerosis. To determine whether visual field defects are less pronounced after SelAH than after standard temporal lobectomy (StTL), we retrospectively analyzed postoperative quantitative visual fields after the 2(More)
We investigated in vitro NMR properties of bleomycin-induced alveolitis and pulmonary fibrosis in 18 Lewis rats (6 controls). When alveolitis or fibrosis had developed, animal lungs were excised and examined histologically and gravimetrically and their T1 and T2 were determined by a NMR spectrometer at 10.7 MHz and 37 degrees C. Clinical diagnosis was(More)
Acoustic analysis of cough both in the time and frequency domain has been reported using voluntary and spontaneous cough. The main aim of this study was to discover whether such analysis of capsaicin-induced cough enables differences between normal subjects to be recognized. We present data from 13 healthy subjects (with normal lung function and no history(More)
OBJECTIVE Asthma and COPD require different management strategies, but differentiation in primary care is difficult. This primary care support initiative observed the impact of spirometry and clinical assessment on the diagnosis of airway disease. MATERIALS AND METHODS Of 61,191 patients aged > or =40 years being treated for respiratory conditions within(More)
BACKGROUND Use of risk calculators for specific diseases is increasing, with an underlying assumption that they promote risk reduction as users become better informed and motivated to take preventive action. Empirical data to support this are, however, sparse and contradictory. AIM To explore user reactions to a cardiovascular risk calculator for people(More)
OBJECTIVES The UK ambulance service is expected to now manage more patients in the community and avoid unnecessary transportations to hospital emergency departments (ED). Most people it attends who have experienced seizures have established epilepsy, have experienced uncomplicated seizures and so do not require the full facilities of an ED. Despite this,(More)
Walker for attending a meeting as deputies to represent the College of Optometrists, Diabetes UK and the Royal College of Nursing respectively, and Derek Lowe for his expert advice on interpreting statistical aspects of the evidence base. We are also grateful to the National Collaborating Centre for Primary Care for sharing their work on the revised Type 2(More)
Although inspiratory resistive loading (IRL) reduces the ventilatory response to CO2 (VE/PCO2) and increases the sensation of inspiratory effort (IES), there are few data about the converse situation: whether CO2 responsiveness influences sustained load compensation and whether awareness of respiratory effort modifies this behavior. We studied 12 normal men(More)