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Short-term trials of bronchodilator drugs are widely used to assess patients with stable chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), but there is an uncertainty about the equivalence of the FEV1 response to beta-agonists and anticholinergic drugs, their relative ability to identify patients likely to improve with corticosteroids, the most appropriate way(More)
Studies were carried out on 11 habitual cigarette smokers to ascertain whether there was a difference in the regional deposition of particles during cigarette smoking compared with tidal breathing and also to investigate whether the ventilatory maneuvers associated with smoking influence the deposition site. A cigarette holder was constructed that permitted(More)
BACKGROUND Exacerbations of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) have a high rate of mortality which gets worse with advancing age. It is unknown whether this is due to age related deficiencies in process of care. A study was undertaken in patients with COPD exacerbations admitted to UK hospitals to assess whether there were age related differences(More)
BACKGROUND Cough is a common and troublesome symptom in cryptogenic fibrosing alveolitis (CFA) but the mechanisms responsible are not known. The cough threshold to inhaled capsaicin is increased in asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) where lung volumes are increased, but the relationship between cough response and symptom intensity has(More)
Fibreoptic bronchoscopy (FOB) is now commonly performed, and the number of elderly patients undergoing the procedure is increasing. Problems with oxygenation during FOB are well-recognised, but there are few data about its cardiovascular effects. Forty five patients (median age 65 yrs) undergoing elective FOB were studied prospectively. Patients were(More)
BACKGROUND A study was carried out to analyse the impact of maternal asthma on the risk of preterm delivery and the contribution of preterm delivery to the development of childhood asthma. METHODS Two cross sectional community studies of 1872 children (5-11 years) in 1991 and 3746 children in 1993 were performed. A respiratory health questionnaire was(More)
Spirometry before and after an inhaled beta agonist or a course of oral prednisolone is widely used to detect reversible airflow limitation in patients with chronic obstructive lung disease. How many of these patients have a response and how the response to beta agonists relates to the response to corticosteroids is not clear. In 127 outpatients (mean (SD)(More)
Inspiratory lung crackles are a diagnostic feature of interstitial pulmonary fibrosis, but expiratory crackles are not well documented. In a phonopneumographic study of 13 patients with fibrosing alveolitis, expiratory crackles were audible with the stethoscope in 12. Phonopneumographic analysis of these 12 patients showed the crackles to be fine with the(More)
Partial bronchodilator reversibility can be demonstrated in many patients with stable chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), but its relevance to exercise capacity and symptoms is uncertain. Previous data suggest that anticholinergic bronchodilators do not improve exercise tolerance in such patients. We studied 32 patients with stable COPD, mean age(More)
We investigated in vitro NMR properties of bleomycin-induced alveolitis and pulmonary fibrosis in 18 Lewis rats (6 controls). When alveolitis or fibrosis had developed, animal lungs were excised and examined histologically and gravimetrically and their T1 and T2 were determined by a NMR spectrometer at 10.7 MHz and 37 degrees C. Clinical diagnosis was(More)