Mike F. Reidy

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Weight-loss interventions generally improve lipid profiles and reduce cardiovascular disease risk, but effects are variable and may depend on genetic factors. We performed a genetic association analysis of data from 2,993 participants in the Diabetes Prevention Program to test the hypotheses that a genetic risk score (GRS) based on deleterious alleles at 32(More)
BACKGROUND Controversy exists regarding the optimal use of bilateral lung transplant (BLT) in older recipients in diseases where either single or bilateral transplant is appropriate. International Society for Heart and Lung Transplant (ISHLT) guidelines suggest an upper age limit of 60 for BLT, despite limited data regarding outcomes with BLT in patients(More)
This study was designed to test the outcomes of a preoperative teaching program for cholecystectomy patients and to determine the appropriate time to offer the program. The hypotheses were: (a) Patients in a preadmission program will recover better than those in a program given the eve of surgery, and (b) patients in the control group will have a poorer(More)
Initiation of a protective immune response to infection by the pathogenic fungus Cryptococcus neoformans is mediated in part by host factors that promote interactions between immune cells and C. neoformans yeast. Surfactant protein A (SP-A) contributes positively to pulmonary host defenses against a variety of bacteria, viruses, and fungi in part by(More)
The incidence of atypical mycobacterial infection among solid organ transplant recipients is increasing. While lung transplant recipients in particular are at greater risk of atypical mycobacterial infection than other solid organ transplant recipients, it is typically confined to the lung and disseminated infection remains quite rare. We describe a case of(More)
In a recently published report from the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges, around 20% of clinical practice which encompasses blood science investigations is considered wasteful. Blood tests including liver function tests (LFTs), C-reactive protein (CRP), coagulation screens, and international normalising ratios (INR) are frequently requested for patients(More)
2-5% of patients undergoing hip or knee arthroplasty develop a symptomatic DVT; there is evidence to suggest that without prophylaxis 40-60% of patients have a subclinical DVT. This can be reduced by around half with appropriate thromboprophylaxis; there still remains a significant incidence of subclinical DVT. Therefore, it is important to know, as(More)
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This article notes the health care risks for immigrant children and describes recent restrictions on their ability to apply for Medicaid. It is reasonable to estimate that by the year 2001, there could be as many as two million immigrant children in the United States who are ineligible for Medicaid simply due to their immigration status. The article also(More)
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