Mike F Alvarez

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This study examines rates of admission and patterns of mental health service use by persons of transition age (16-25 years) in the USA based on the nationally representative 1997 Client/Patient Sample Survey and population data from the US Census Bureau. A precipitous decline in utilization was observed at the age of emancipation: the yearly admission rate(More)
The aim of the present study was to compare the personality pattern, the anxiety level and the temporomandibular disorders (TMD) between bruxist and non-bruxist children with mixed dentition. Fifty-two subjects, with a mean age of 9.45 years (range 8-11) were evaluated and classified as bruxist (n = 26), according to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine(More)
We thank Tim Colton and Mike T omz for participating in several of our meetings during the early stages of this project; Abstract We propose a remedy to the substantial discrepancy between the way political scientists analyze data with missing values and the recommendations of the statistics community. With a few notable exceptions, statisticians and(More)
Infant crying amounts and patterns in 590 1- to 12-month-old infants in an urban community in Denmark were studied using the Crying Patterns Questionnaire. The impact of the crying on parents and the primary health services was also assessed. The results showed that Danish mothers leave their infants to "cry out" substantially less than mothers in the UK(More)
P rior research on the contextual determinants of black racial attitudes has focused on the effects of residential segregation while overlooking differences in the socioeconomic character of neighborhoods. I posit that socioeconomic environments, in particular, the quality and socioeconomic composition of neighborhoods, may affect whether blacks view race(More)
BACKGROUND The computerization of the workforce in the last two decades has led to increases in the incidence of repetitive strain injury (RSI). U.S. Workers Compensation claims made by persons disabled in the upper extremities in 1989 were estimated to be $563 million. METHOD Through an investigation of factors that increase the likelihood of contracting(More)
I examine a recently proposed solution to the ecological inference problem King 1997. It is asserted that the proposed model is able to reconstruct individual-level behavior from aggregate data. I discuss in detail both the beneets and limitations of this model. The assumptions of the basic model are often inappropriate for instances of aggregate data. The(More)
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