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We have developed a method to suppress the PCR amplification of repetitive sequences in whole chromosome painting probes by adding Cot-1 DNA to the amplification mixture. The repetitive sequences in the Cot-1 DNA bind to their homologous sequences in the probe library, prevent the binding of primers, and interfere with extension of the probe sequences,(More)
The intensive care of immature preterm infants is a challenging, dynamic clinical task that is complicated because these infants frequently develop a range of comorbidities as they grow and develop after their premature birth. Earliest reliable condition onset detection is a goal within this setting and high frequency physiological analysis is showing(More)
This paper introduces a method for interactive knowledge testing for a clinical decision support system developed as a part of the Artemis Project. Knowledge within the medical domain is vast and continuously being defined and re-defined. The volume of modern clinical decision support systems that support a flexible and intuitive environment that recognizes(More)
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