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It is now possible to simultaneously measure the expression of thousands of genes during cellular diierentiation and response, through the use of DNA microarrays. A major statistical task is to understand the structure in the data that arise from this technology. In this paper we review various methods of clustering, and illustrate how they can beused to(More)
The [Leu]enkephalin-containing peptides derived from prodynorphin have been quantitated in porcine neurointermediate lobe. Dynorphin-17, beta-neo-endorphin, [Leu]enkephalin, rimorphin and dynorphin-24 were found in highest concentrations (200-700 pmol/gm). No detectable amounts of the carboxyl terminal-extended rimorphin sequence (rimorphin 1-29) were(More)
The Berkeley Drosophila Transcription Network Project (bdtnp.lbl.gov) is conducting a system-wide analysis of the transcription network in the early Drosophila embryo. As part of this multidisciplinary effort, we have developed a suite of imaging, image analysis and visualization methods that provide the first quantitative three-dimensional description of(More)
  • M L Eisen
  • 1996
This study investigated the relationship between resistance to misleading information and performance on the Harvard Group Scale of Hypnotic Susceptibility (HGSHS:A), and examined the impact of obtrusive observation on subjects' hypnotic responsivity, memory, and resistance to misleading information. Eighty-five college students were administered the(More)
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