Mike Edwards

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Despite widespread concern about declines in pollination services, little is known about the patterns of change in most pollinator assemblages. By studying bee and hoverfly assemblages in Britain and the Netherlands, we found evidence of declines (pre-versus post-1980) in local bee diversity in both countries; however, divergent trends were observed in(More)
Pollinators are fundamental to maintaining both biodiversity and agricultural productivity, but habitat destruction, loss of flower resources, and increased use of pesticides are causing declines in their abundance and diversity. Using historical records, we assessed the rate of extinction of bee and flower-visiting wasp species in Britain from the mid-19th(More)
http://sro.sussex.ac.uk Pocock, Michael J O, Newson, Stuart E, Henderson, Ian G, Peyton, Jodey, Sutherland, William J, Noble, David G, Ball, Stuart G, Beckmann, Björn C, Biggs, Jeremy, Brereton, Tom, Bullock, David J, Buckland, Stephen T, Edwards, Mike, Eaton, Mark A, Harvey, Martin C et al. (2015) Developing and enhancing biodiversity monitoring(More)
Clement J. McDonald, M.D., J. Marc Overhage, M.D., Ph.D., Paul R. Dexter, M.D. William M. Tierney, M.D., Jeffrey G. Suico, M.D., Alex Aisen, M.D., Atif Zafar, M.D., Gunther Schadow, M.D., Lonnie Blevins, Jill Warvel, Jeff Warvel, Jim Meeks-Johnson, Larry Lemmon, Tull Glazener, Anne Belsito, Don Lindbergh, Bruce Williams, Pat Cassidy, Diane Xu, Mark Tucker,(More)
1. A 39-year bumblebee data base was used to study the codistribution of six cuckoo bumblebees in the subgenus Psythirus of Bombus (hereafter called Psythirus) and their free-living bumblebee hosts in the British Isles. 2. A model of nest parasitism predicted host threshold densities and stable deterministic dynamics, with fluctuations only emerging as a(More)
The apparent reduction of solitary and primitively eusocial bees populations has remained a huge concern over the past few decades and urbanisation is considered as one of the factors affecting bees at different scales depending on bee guild. As urbanisation is increasing globally it necessitates more research to understand the complex community dynamics of(More)
Neonicotinoid seed dressings have caused concern world-wide. We use large field experiments to assess the effects of neonicotinoid-treated crops on three bee species across three countries (Hungary, Germany, and the United Kingdom). Winter-sown oilseed rape was grown commercially with either seed coatings containing neonicotinoids (clothianidin or(More)
In 1998, MoD commissioned ANSYS CFX to develop a numerical procedure, based on Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), aimed at providing a practical tool which can be integrated into design processes in order to optimise lowpressure fine water spray fire suppression systems. The work, which employs the CFX software, included a sensitivity study which(More)