Mike Dixon

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A measurement-based design and evaluation methodology for embedded control systems is presented that features 1) better control of executions through reduction of non-deter-minism, 2) certified behavior of executions, 3) real-time monitoring of operations, functionalities and modules, which 4) allows adaptation to non-certified behavior. Using principles of(More)
—Indoor Wireless sensor networks require a highly dynamic, adaptive routing scheme to deal with the high rate of topology changes due to fading of indoor wireless channels. Besides that, energy consumption rate needs to be consistently distributed among sensor nodes and efficient utilization of battery power is essential. If only the link reliability metric(More)
—Designing a reliable and trusted routing scheme for resource-constrained Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) is a challenging task due to the lack of infrastructure and the highly dynamic network topology. To ensure trustworthy end-to-end communications between wirelessly connected sensor nodes, a considerable amount of bidirectional traffic must be relayed(More)
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