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OpenMath is a standard for representing mathematical data in as unambiguous a way as possible. It can be used to exchange mathematical objects between software packages or via email, or as a persistent data format in a database. It is tightly focussed on representing semantic information and is not intended to be used directly for presentation, although(More)
Web Service technology is increasingly being used to develop distributed applications, however the convention is to describe individual services in terms of the interfaces that they expose, rather in terms of the function that they perform. In this paper we describe a mechanism for encoding information about mathematical web services which is rich enough to(More)
seminar, several participants presented their current research, and ongoing work and open problems were discussed. Abstracts of the presentations given during the seminar as well as abstracts of seminar results and ideas are put together in this paper. The rst section describes the seminar topics and goals in general. Links to extended abstracts or full(More)