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Over the last decade, the Republic of Ireland has emerged as a hotbed of software development activity. The software industry was one of the leading sources of employment growth in the Irish economy during 1990s. Although foreign direct investment has been part of the story, it is the emergence of a vibrant indigenous software industry that is particularly(More)
This paper reviews the present knowledge of B-L antigens encoded by the chicken B complex as regards to the following aspects: (1) identification and cellular expression, (2) structural studies, (3) evidence for two distinct populations of B-L antigens, (4) mapping of B-L loci of the B complex, (5) B-L and immune response, and (6) the role of the B-L(More)
The uptake of [67 Ga]citrate by normal rats of different ages has been compared with the mineral composition of the assayed tissues. Very young animals take up much more 67 Ga than the adults and there seems to be a correlation between the mineral composition (calcium, magnesium and iron) and the radioactivity uptake. The role of those elements and of(More)
Blood plasma from tumor-bearing rats was incubated with 67Ga-citrate, and two fractions of high molecular weight (proteins) and low molecular weight were isolated by dialysis and by gel-filtration chromatography. Both fractions showed a different in vivo uptake by DS-sarcoma-bearing animals, the high molecular weight fraction being accumulated to a lesser(More)
Eggs from immunized chickens may provide a convenient and inexpensive source of antibodies. We describe two simple and efficient methods for purification of IgG from yolk. The antibody is rendered useful for most currently employed immunological techniques. Amounts of antibody corresponding to almost half a litre of antiserum may be recovered from a chicken(More)
In an attempt to further map the chicken MHC (the B complex), a systematic search for genetic recombinants within the B complex was performed by serotyping the progeny from F2 crosses of chickens by means of specific anti-class I, anti-class II, and anti-class IV alloantisera. Two recombinant B-haplotypes (B21r and B15r) were found by analysing 2,656 F2(More)
The uptake of 67Ga-citrate and 59Fe-citrate in the presence or absence of gallium and iron carriers, was studied on DS-sarcoma-bearing rats. Differences of uptake pattern were observed with both radionuclides. The tumor uptake of 67Ga is greatly affected by both carriers while 59Fe uptake is independent of the presence of carriers. The role of isotopic(More)
B1-anti-B2 and B2-anti-B1 allo-antisera were raised by i.v. immunization of homozygous B1/1 and B2/2 chickens, respectively, with B1/2 cells of the following sources: peripheral blood leucocytes (PBL), erythrocytes, thymus cells and bursa cells. Purified suspensions of these all produced anti-B allo-antibodies which could both haemagglutinate red blood(More)