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Children from teen parent families are impaired developmentally compared to children of older mothers. Family support has frequently been proposed as a mediator of the stress that teen parents experience as a result of teen parenthood. This longitudinal study investigates the role of family support factors and maternal characteristics in relation to child(More)
Some strains of Pseudomonas aeruginosa produce R-type pyocins, which are high-molecular-weight phage tail-like protein complexes that have bactericidal activity against other Pseudomonas strains. These particles recognize and bind to bacterial surface structures via tail fibers, their primary spectrum determinant. R-type pyocins kill the cell by contracting(More)
We only regard a system or a process as being “scientific” if it displays the three predominant characteristics of the natural sciences: predictability, repeatability and quantifiability. This by definition precludes intuition, subjective judgement, tacit knowledge, heuristics, dreams, etc. in other words, those attributes which are peculiarly human.(More)
Contact of teen mothers with grandmothers and partners was studied as a predictor of maternal and middle childhood developmental outcomes. Mothers were interviewed yearly beginning in 1979 until 1986. Each child was given a developmental assessment in 1986. Black teens lived longer with their parents after the child's birth and white teens married earlier(More)
If you compare the size, weight and performance specifications of a modern mobile phone with that of its portable ‘‘breeze-block’’ predecessor of 20 years ago, then consider the deluge of models in the intervening years—you get some sense of the rate and nature of technological change in that sector. In this ‘‘here today, gone tomorrow’’ world, many(More)
  • Prof Howard H. Rosenbrock, FREng, Mike Cooley
  • 2012
It was with deep sadness and a profound sense of loss that we learned that Howard, our brilliant colleague and founding member of the AI & Society Board, had died on 21st October 2010. Throughout his illustrious career, a major aspect of Howard’s work was challenging the view ‘‘In science, man is a machine’’ (Rosenbrock 1990). Howard wrote extensively on(More)
Those charged with implementing technological and organisational change are frequently moved by the loftiest of motives. Thus in 1642, when Pascal invented the first truly mechanical calculating machine, he declared ‘‘I submit to the public a small machine of my own invention by means of which you may, without any effort, perform all the operations of(More)
Scientists and engineers lack the equivalent of an ethics committee to which their colleagues in the medical profession may turn when ethical dilemmas arise. In the US workers in aerospace industry have campaigned for a Technology Bill of Rights. In the UK there has been a vigorous movement around the concept of socially useful and environmentally desirable(More)