Mike Chamberlain

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Recent accounts have proposed that orbitofrontal cerebral cortex mediates the control of behavior based on emotional feedback and its somatic correlates. Here, we describe the performance of a patient with circumscribed damage to orbitofrontal cortex during a task that requires switching between sensory-motor mappings, contingent on the occurrence of(More)
Two experiments were run to determine whether individual differences in auditory speech-recognition abilities are significantly correlated with those for speech reading (lipreading), employing a total sample of 90 normal-hearing college students. Tests include single words and sentences, recorded on a videodisc by a male speaker [Bernstein and Eberhardt,(More)
PURPOSE The genes in myopia twin study were established to assess the relative genetic contribution of spherical equivalent using a classical twin model. This manuscript will provide a detailed outline of the methodological design, twin recruitment, and the prevalence of myopia in the genes in myopia twin study. METHODS All Victorian-based twins(More)
PURPOSE To elucidate the heritability of peak density and spatial width of macular pigment (MP) using a Classical Twin Study. METHODS Fundus autofluorescence images were obtained at 488 nm from 86 subjects or 43 twin pairs (21 monozygotic (MZ) and 22 dizygotic (DZ)) (27 male, 59 female) aged from 55 to 76 years (mean 62.2 ± 5.3 years). The relative(More)
AIMS We intended to investigate the relative genetic contribution in wavefront aberrations using a sub-group of twins recruited in the Genes in Myopia twin study, and subsequently provide direction for future studies into the aetiology of mono-chromatic aberrations. To our knowledge, the Genes in Myopia twin study is the first study to explore the role of(More)
Humans can be exposed to fluorine (F) through their diet, occupation, environment and oral dental care products. Fluorine, at proper dosages, is believed to have positive effects by reducing the incidence of dental caries, but fluorine toxicity can occur when people are exposed to excessive quantities of fluorine. In this paper we present the results of a(More)
Fluorine (F) plays an important role in dental health and bone formation. Many studies have shown that excess fluoride (F(-)) can result in dental or skeletal fluorosis, while other studies have indicated that a proper dosage of fluoride may have a protective effect on bone fracture incidence. Fluorine is stored almost completely in the skeleton making bone(More)
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