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The human exposure to genotoxic agents can be detected by using genetic monitoring procedures which is mainly concerned with markers of exposure and effect. Cytogenetic analysis of human peripheral lymphocytes and urine mutagenicity are routinely used in Hygiene Service of the Czech Republic. The review demonstrated the activity of National Reference(More)
  • M Cerná
  • Environmental monitoring and assessment
  • 1995
Solvent extraction is recommended as a suitable method for the removal of heavy metals from the waste waters of the chemical and electronic industries. Common extractants are organic compounds with molecular mass 200-450, almost insoluble in water (5-50 ppm), that selectively extract metals from aqueous solutions. On the basis of data from the literature,(More)
The medical treatment and diagnosis of patients in India especially in rural regions are adversely affected due to lack of proper healthcare and a poor patient to doctor ratio. This paper attempts to bring out the concept of cost effective implementation of a robotic doctor for performing advanced telemedicine. The robot designed here assists doctor to(More)
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