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The Institute of Paper Science and Technology is an independent graduate school, research organization, and information center for science and technology mainly concerned with manufacture and uses of pulp, paper, paperboard, and other forest products and byproducts. Established in 1929 as The Institute of Paper Chemistry, the Institute provides research and(More)
Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) is a novel form of fully automated rail-based public transportation which will become commercially available in the near future. With PRT up to 6 persons or light freight travel in small, individually controlled and electrically driven vehicles on a network of narrow guideways. The vehicles are available on demand and 24h a day.(More)
Electromyographic activity and the electrocardiogram were recorded during windsurfing on the water in six subjects (three females and three males). 'Beating' and 'reaching' (both with continuous pumping), 'running' and 'uphauling' were performed in light to moderate winds. The physiological signals were transmitted to a shore base by radio telemetry and(More)
Over the summer of 2006, we set up a distributed sensor network to monitor lizard habitat in a nearby wilderness area. Thermistors in enclosures designed to act thermodynamically similar to lizards are sampled by analog-to-digital converters. These readings are routed and transmitted by Crossbow Mica2 motes running SOS back to a Mac Mini, which logs the(More)
This study examined the responses of six competitive boardsailors (three males, three females) during laboratory-based simulation tasks while the electromyographic activity of up to 13 muscles was recorded. A sailboard, mounted in a steel frame and resting on a waterbed, allowed simulation of roll and pitch movements. Wind force was simulated by attaching(More)
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