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Truncated Notch receptors have transforming activity in vitro and in vivo. However, the role of wild-type Notch signaling in neoplastic transformation remains unclear. Ras signaling is deregulated in a large fraction of human malignancies and is a major target for the development of novel cancer treatments. We show that oncogenic Ras activates Notch(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate if serum cytokine levels could be used as diagnostic or prognostic markers in ovarian cancer. EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN A cytokine bead array was done to simultaneously analyze 14 cytokines in the sera of 187 ovarian cancer patients with complete clinicopathologic data and follow-up, 45 patients with benign ovarian tumors, and 50 healthy(More)
Notch receptor signaling has been implicated in cellular transformation. Notch-1 receptor expression is increased during the progression from cervical intraepithelial lesions (CIN) to invasive cervical carcinoma. Moreover, the main cellular localization of Notch-1 protein changes from cytoplasmic to nuclear with the transition from CIN III to microinvasive(More)
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