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Voltage-gated potassium channels (Kv) of the Shaker-related superfamily are assembled from membrane-integrated alpha subunits and auxiliary beta subunits. The beta subunits may increase Kv channel surface expression and/or confer A-type behavior to noninactivating Kv channels in heterologous expression systems. The interaction of Kv alpha and Kv beta(More)
Precision medicines exert selective pressure on tumour cells that leads to the preferential growth of resistant subpopulations, necessitating the development of next-generation therapies to treat the evolving cancer. The PIK3CA-AKT-mTOR pathway is one of the most commonly activated pathways in human cancers, which has led to the development of(More)
Antibody-sensitized sheep erythrocytes were used as a model to determine the effects of therapeutic immune serum globulin (ISG) preparations on the ability of this particulate activator to fix C3 and initiate hemolysis. Both standard and intravenous forms of ISG inhibit uptake of 125I-C3, presumably by competing for the deposition of "nascent" C3b molecules(More)
  • Gaetano Mantello, V Skouris, +14 authors Administrator
  • 2010
(Reference for a preliminary ruling – Judicial cooperation in criminal matters – European arrest warrant – Framework Decision 2002/584/JHA – Article 3(2) – Ne bis in idem – Concept of the 'same acts' – Possibility for the executing judicial authority to refuse to execute a European arrest warrant – Final judgment in the issuing Member State – Possession of(More)
In 2010, the annual general meeting of the Clinical Investigator Trainee Association of Canada - Association des cliniciens-chercheurs en formation du Canada (CITAC-ACCFC) and the Canadian Society for Clinician Investigators (CSCI) was held between September 20 and 22 in Ottawa. Several globally-renowned scientists, including this year's CSCI/Royal College(More)