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Interoperability describes the ability of engineering tools to collaborate across tool borders, organizational borders, and workflow phases. Therefore, it is considered as an important indicator for engineering efficiency, but is supported by today's industrial software only to some extent. The authors propose a novel method for the assessment of automation(More)
Interoperability of engineering tools describes their ability to collaborate with each other across their tool borders, company locations and workflow phases. Therefore it is considered as an important indicator for engineering efficiency but it is rarely supported by today’s heterogeneous industrial software. This paper motivates the need of(More)
This document describes an approach to support an automated generation of simulation models by use of already existing engineering data. The concept enables engineers to execute tests in parallel to the development of the control applications, using a physical model of the controlled system. The simulation model forms a virtual representation of the process(More)
This contribution presents a novel approach for the automatic generation of simulation models for existing plants. The aim is to focus on brown-field projects for which the automation system has to be renewed. Whereas most research approaches for simulation based control code testing focus on green-field projects, the authors developed a method that(More)
S • 2003 Student Center Gallery Lounge March 24, 2003 Southern Illinois University Carbondale The Undergraduate Research Forum is part of REACH (Research-Enriched Academic Challenge), a campus-wide program for undergraduates coordinated by the Office of Research Development and Administration. For more information, see www.siu.edu/~reach. The forum is being(More)
We report about our student project with the objective of a procedural generation of pseudo-random cities, streets and terrains. The focus of the project is primarily the procedural modelling, real-time rendering and modelling on demand at run-time. This paper discusses the generation of terrain, road network, different approaches to build houses like(More)
Modern process plants are becoming more and more complex with high demands placed on design, engineering and operation. Throughout the life cycle of process plants, there is always the typical conflict involving costs, time and quality. One way of resolving this conflict is to employ simulation technology as it can be used to answer questions relating to(More)
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