Mike Aldridge

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  • Mike Aldridge
  • Journal of psychiatric and mental health nursing
  • 2012
This paper discusses the evidence base for interventions addressing non-adherence to prescribed antipsychotics. A case study approach is used, and the extent to which adherence improvement interventions might be used in collaboration with a specific patient is considered. The principles and application of harm-reduction philosophy in mental health are(More)
Formiminotransferase-cyclodeaminase, an octameric protein of identical, bifunctional polypeptides of Mr = 62,000, yields a transferase-active fragment of Mr = 80,000 upon proteolysis with chymotrypsin in the presence of the inhibitor folic acid. The purified fragment contains one size of polypeptide, Mr = 39,000, on dodecyl sulfate gels. Cross-linking with(More)
. ••-. The study of society is necessarily influenced by the social currents and the nature of the interacting forces that characterize human activities. Thus, modernization theories, post-structuralism and dependency theory all reflect cultural patterns and references which can be located in specific times and places. Paulo Freire's sociology derives its(More)
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