Mikako Sanuki

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The effects of sevoflurane on the beta-adrenoceptor (beta AR) system, consisting of the receptor, stimulatory guanosine triphosphate (GTP) binding protein (Gs), and adenylate cyclase (AC), were studied in rat myocardial membrane. Cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP) production rate was measured as cAMP generation stimulated by l-isoproterenol, guanosine(More)
A 70-year-old woman with aortic regurgitation was scheduled for aortic valve replacement. After induction of anesthesia resistance was encountered when attempting to remove the guide wire with a sheath dilator prior to insertion of a pulmonary artery (PA) catheter through the right internal jugular vein. Ten hours after catheter insertion, chest X-ray(More)
Intraoperative monitoring of descending pathways by means of muscle evoked potential (MsEP) is a reliable method to monitor spinal cord motor function, but MsEP is readily affected by anesthetics. We monitored MsEP evoked by repetitive transcranial electrical stimulation of the motor cortex in 30 patients receiving spine surgery. Total intravenous(More)
To test the hypothesis that elderly patients who have surgery for femoral neck fractures may have delirium not only after surgery but before surgery, we prospectively investigated the perioperative temporal profile of cognitive function in such patients. We performed the Abbreviated Mental Test (AMT) six times in each patient (on the day of admission, 3(More)
Lidocaine adhesive tape (Penles; Wyeth Lederle Japan, Ltd, Tokyo, Japan) is placed for pain relief prior to puncturing a vein with a needle. We investigated the optimal time interval from application of Penles to vein puncture by measuring current perception threshold (CPT) levels with a Neurometer, by which it was possible to measure the extent of nerve(More)
The purpose of this prospective study was to evaluate the effects ofone-lung ventilation on the activity of the cardiac autonomic nervous system.Ten adult patients who underwent thoracotomy were endotracheally intubatedwith a double-lumen tube under general anesthesia using isoflurane. Afterinduction of anesthesia, a continuous, 256-sec electrocardiogram(More)
A 70-year-old man, without history of angina pectoris, was scheduled for aorto-femoral bypass graft surgery under epidural anesthesia supplemented with nitrous oxide and sevoflurane. At the beginning of operation, twenty minutes after the start of low flow anesthesia (2 l.min-1), ECG showed an elevation of the ST segment during hypotension. Rising blood(More)
Recently, many cardiovascular agents came to be administered to serious or perioperative cases continuously, and difficult calculation became necessary. For continuous infusion of cardiovascular agents, we devised a personal computer program (CIRCULATION) to avoid difficult calculation for PC-9801 series (NEC) by a C language (Turbo-C, Version 2.0). It is(More)
We report a case of an accidental loss of anesthesia records through network failure of an anesthesia information management system (AIMS). The backup data were not kept in the anesthesia workstations or the server during the failure. Accordingly, anesthesia records of five patients were lost for one hour. Our AIMS has a network redundancy where the server(More)