Mikako Hirota

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Accumulation of oxidatively modified proteins is widely observed in aged animal tissues. Protein carbonyls are mostly derived from lysine, arginine, proline and threonine residues under oxidative conditions. Many groups have investigated carbonylated proteins since a convenient immunochemical procedure was established for detecting dinitrophenyl derivatives(More)
In the post-genome era, most research scientists working in the field of proteomics are confronted with difficulties in management of large volumes of data, which they are required to keep in formats suitable for subsequent data mining. Therefore, a well-developed open source laboratory information management system (LIMS) should be available for their(More)
Duocarmycin A (Duo), which is one of well-known antitumor antibiotics, efficiently alkylates adenine N3 at the 3' end of AT-rich sequences in the DNA. The addition of a minor groove binder, distamycin A (Dist), not only accerelates the reactivity of Duo with oligonucleotide duplex but also switches the DNA-alkylation site to guanine in GC-rich sequences.(More)
The contractile and extensile effects of red and white wine on rat and Mongolian gerbil (gerbil) gastrointestinal smooth muscle were investigated. Both wines elicited contractile responses on rat and gerbil duodenum and ileum but had no such effects on the colon or rectum. Dichloromethane extracts derived from either wine showed extensile responses only on(More)
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