Mikail Olayemi Olaniyi

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— Over the years health care has seen major improvement due to the introduction information and communication technology with electronic medical prescription being one the areas benefiting from it. Within the overall context of protection of health care information, privacy of prescription data needs special treatment. This paper presents an e-prescription(More)
Car parking is a serious problem and one of the major contributors to traffic congestion in urban areas. This challenge is as a result of sharp increase in numbers of automobiles on the roads. This paper presents the development of a smart parking system using wireless sensor networks. The system can monitor the state of every parking lot by deploying a(More)
Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks (UWASNs) has gain a widespread recognition recently due to some technological breakthrough , and thus, beginning a new era of research in the industry with potential for vast applications that are important to our livelihood. Despite all these potentials, deploying a reliable UWASNs based systems still remain very far(More)
The performance of memory system depends majorly on types of instruction constructs, speedup of executions, capacity of processing elements and scheduling techniques. Most scheduling techniques are faced with several challenges such as multiple issues, exploiting more parallelism in programs instructions, speedup rate of executions and support for(More)
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