Mikael Snaprud

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This paper addresses combining hypertext with knowledge representation as used in knowledge-based systems. Hypertext imposes explicit structure on text, whereas certain knowledge representation formalisms of AI are designed for structuring knowledge. We propose a way of tightly integrating hypertext and structured object representation, using (AI) frames(More)
This paper outlines the architecture of a system designed to demonstrate large scale web accessibility assessment developed in a European research project. The system consists of a set of integrated software components designed to automatically evaluate accessibility metrics for a large number of websites and present results in a common report. The system(More)
The European Internet Accessibility Observatory (EIAO) project has developed an observatory for performing large scale automatic web accessibility evaluations of public sector web sites in Europe. The architecture includes a distributed web crawler that crawls web sites for links until either a given budget of web pages have been identified or the web site(More)
Benchmarking of web accessibility is performed throughout Europe, to assess and raise awareness of web accessibility. The evaluation is often based on manual assessments with a high cost and with long intervals. The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines from W3C/WAI are the basis of most evaluations. Although the same guidelines are used, a range of(More)