Mikael Rännar

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TrueVoice is a software framework containing methods for improving speech quality in hands-free full-duplex communication systems. It has previously been successfully implemented in embedded systems such as conference phones. However, software written for embedded systems are often tailored to perform a particular task and may not suitable for(More)
Power consumption and heat dissipation issues are pushing the microprocessors industry towards multicore design patterns. Given the cubic dependence between core frequency and power consumption, multicore technologies leverage the idea that doubling the number of cores and halving the cores frequency gives roughly the same performance reducing the power(More)
A distributed algorithm with the same functionality as the single-processor level 3 BLAS operation GEMM, i.e., general matrix multiply and add, is presented. With the same functionality we mean the ability to perform GEMM operations on arbitrary subarrays of the matrices involved. The logical network is a 2D square mesh with torus connec-tivity. The(More)
Finding the most suitable consultant for an assignment is challenging and becoming more and more important in the competitive IT-market. In this thesis a system for matching consultants to assignment specifications is implemented. The system also supports a representational scheme that accounts for cascading competences. This improves the matching system by(More)
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