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A box-tree is a \ifasci so-called \emph{bounding-volume hierarchy} \else bounding-volume hierarchy \fi that uses axis-aligned boxes as bounding volumes. The query complexity of a box-tree with respect to a given type of query is the maximum number of nodes visited when answering such a query. We describe several new algorithms for constructing box-trees(More)
We propose routing schemes that optimize the average number of hops for lookup requests in Peer–to–Peer (P2P) systems without adding any overhead to the system. Our work is inspired by the recently introduced variation of greedy routing, called neighbor–of–neighbor (NoN), which allows to get optimal average path length with respect to the degree. Our(More)
Summary form only given. We study on-demand source initiated protocols for mobile wireless networks. In particular, we study the flooding procedure commonly used by these protocols to set up temporary communication paths. The benefit of the flooding technique is its generosity regarding changes in network structure. On the other hand, each time a message is(More)
[A02] K Aberer. Scalable data access in peer-to-peer systems using unbalanced search trees. E Pavlov. A generic scheme for building overlay networks in adversarial scenarios. process on the hypercube with applications to peer-to-peer networks. Proc. [AN86] M Aizenman and C M Newman. Discontinuity of the percolation density in one dimensional 1/|x − y| 2(More)