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We propose routing schemes that optimize the average number of hops for lookup requests in Peer–to–Peer (P2P) systems without adding any overhead to the system. Our work is inspired by the recently introduced variation of greedy routing, called neighbor–of–neighbor (NoN), which allows to get optimal average path length with respect to the degree. Our(More)
Summary form only given. We study on-demand source initiated protocols for mobile wireless networks. In particular, we study the flooding procedure commonly used by these protocols to set up temporary communication paths. The benefit of the flooding technique is its generosity regarding changes in network structure. On the other hand, each time a message is(More)
PURPOSE To assess the value of ultrasonography (US) in the preoperative evaluation of patients with anterior shoulder instability. MATERIALS AND METHODS Twenty-two patients with one-sided anterior shoulder instability were examined with US by using three dynamic scanning approaches: two frontal and one axillary. The anterior labrum, the anterior(More)
A watchman route in a polygon P is a route inside P such that each point in the interior of P is visible from at least one point along the route. The objective of the shortest watchman route problem is to minimize the length of the watchman route for a given polygon. In 1991 Chin and Ntafos claimed an O(n 4) algorithm, solving the shortest watchman route(More)