Mikael Gasparian

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The PHA-induced and serum levels of IFN-alpha and -gamma, TNF-alpha, IL-4, IL-6, IL-8, IL-RA, as well as CD3, CD4, CD8, CD20, CD56 lymphocytic subpopulations and serum IgG, IgM, and IgA were studied in 53 patients with multiple trauma to detect the most informative parameters of laboratory monitoring of the immunodeficiency developing during treatment. The(More)
Polyclonal antibodies raised against rat vesicle associated membrane protein-2 (VAMP-2) recognized, in carrot (Daucus carota) microsomes, two major polypeptides of 18 and 30 kD, respectively. A biochemical separation of intracellular membranes by a sucrose density gradient co-localized the two polypeptides as resident in light, dense microsomes,(More)
The carrot cell variant ts11 is unable to form somatic embryos at the non-permissive temperature of 32 degrees C, but the block can be overcome by the addition of a 32-kDa acidic endochitinase to the medium. In this work we conducted a cyto-histological analysis of the blocked embryo forms. The morphology of the endomembrane system is altered; in(More)
Changes of population and cellular parameters of HeLa and RD cultures after introducing of solcoseryl in culture medium were studied by methods of scanning cytophotometry and cytomorphometry. Monolayer density, proliferation activity, the number of dead cells in a monolayer, the number of nucleoli in nuclei and distribution of cells in the populations by(More)
The cells of nepatocarcinoma (HEp-G2), adenocarcinoma of large intestine (Caco-2), embryonal kidney (HEK-293), neuroblastoma (SH-SY5Y), rabdomyosarcoma (RD), and larynx cancer (Hep-2) were studied by the methods of scanning cytophotometry, cytochemistry and cytomorphometry during 96 h of cultivation. The density of monolayers, proliferation activity, the(More)
Using cytomorphometry and cytophotometry cells of human large intestine adenocarcinoma (CaCo-2) were studied under condition of a 10 day cultivation. A reverse dependence was established between proliferative activity and monolayer density. The increase of the latter inhibits proliferation and promotes the formation of islets of polymorph cells. 2c-cells(More)
The paper presents the results of experimental and clinical studies on the antitumor effect of larifan. A statistically significant inhibition of growth of some continuous mouse tumors by larifan in a dose of 2.5 mg/kg given for 5-6 days and by a combination of larifan with an immunomodulator, inosiplex, tested on hepatoma XXIIa which has a rather low(More)
The behavior of human larynx cancer cells (HEp-2) and of their nuclei and nucleoli during the cultivation without the influence of Na-ds-RNA and after its introduction into the medium was investigated by methods of cytomorphometry and cytophotometry. The density of monolayer (the number of cells on the area unit), percentage of two-nuclear cells, the number(More)
The Na,K-stimulated ATPase is inhibited by extracellular cardiac glycosides, which bind to the enzyme's alpha subunit. We used a monoclonal antibody, VG4, as a probe of the extracellular surface. The antibody was specific for Na,K-ATPase and bound to intact cells. The epitope was mapped to the first extracellular loop (H1-H2) of alpha, using a combination(More)
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