Mikael Franzen

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This paper discusses why P and NP are likely to be different. It analyses the essence of the concepts and points out that P and NP might be diverse by sheer definition. It also speculates that P and NP may be unequal due to natural laws. * The paper was written and completed in Sept 2007 (RV01PNP01). It was then revised twice between the date of completion(More)
BACKGROUND Caspi et al.'s 2003 report that 5-HTTLPR genotype moderates the influence of life stress on depression has been highly influential but remains contentious. We examined whether the evidence base for the 5-HTTLPR-stress interaction has been distorted by citation bias and a selective focus on positive findings. METHOD A total of 73 primary studies(More)
In this paper we give a detailed analysis of the factual observation that time dilation or Doppler shift of frequency are oppositely signed relative to our line of sight in different regions of motion. We show that this depends on how these regions are connected to the actual path of motion and to the location of the observer/detector. For a static globe or(More)
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