Mikael Blomé

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This paper reports a pilot study and three case studies to examine aimed at studying if a quality system, according to the ISO 9000 quality standard, can be visualised, exploring how the visualisation should be designed in order to support continuous improvements and evaluating the design process for development of prototypes. By discussing with the(More)
Medical visualization has been a long way down the road from the first by today's standard crude images to the current sophisticated rendering results. However, for a successful application of visualization, we need to look at the whole visual computing pipeline, which includes image processing, visualization, interaction, and in addition into perceptual(More)
The aim of the study was to visualize design regulations of furniture by means of interactive technology based on earlier studies and practical examples. The usage of the visualized regulations was evaluated on two occasions: at the start when the first set of regulations was presented, and after six years of usage of all regulations. The visualized(More)
The purpose of the research project described in this paper is to improve the efficiency of product development processes by exchanging knowledge and experiences about user centred design methods and technologies between the two branches: vehicle and health care industries. The health care industry can benefit from visualisation and simulation tools that(More)
To be able to disseminate knowledge about maritime safety culture and safety management to different actors in the Swedish maritime sector, a preliminary pedagogical concept was developed and evaluated. As a first user group, students at upper secondary maritime schools were chosen and the pedagogical concept was adapted for this group. The concept includes(More)
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