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With thc cmcrgcncc nf 21 variety nf mobile rlntn scwiccs with varinhlc covcrlige, bandwidth, and htindolf stratcgics, aiid thc need for ini)bilc tcrnminals 10 tomi ainrmg Ihcsc nctwmks, haridoff in hybrid data nctworks has allractcd trcincndous altcntioii. This article presents an rwcrview of isstics rclntcd ti) Iiandofr' with particular cmplinsi!: on(More)
While peer-to-peer (P2P) has emerged as a new hot communication concept among the Internet users, mobile usage of P2P applications is still taking its first steps. This article first elaborates the evolutionary process that P2P architectures are going through. Challenges and requirements for mobile P2P are then identified, followed by a definition of a(More)
Software defined networking (SDN) decouples the network control and data planes. The network intelligence and state are logically centralized and the underlying network infrastructure is abstracted from applications. SDN enhances network security by means of global visibility of the network state where a conflict can be easily resolved from the logically(More)
Pervasive Social Computing is a novel collective paradigm, derived from pervasive computing, social media, social networking, social signal processing, etc. This paper reviews Pervasive Social Computing as an integrated computing environment, which promises to augment five facets of human intelligence in physical environment awareness, behavior awareness,(More)
The emergence of new lightweight web technologies and the development of mobile devices leads to a situation, where the users can consume the same web services regardless of the place, time and device. Mobile devices are equipped with networking capabilities and sensors that provide versatile context and user-community information. This information enhances(More)
Integration of WLAN hotspots into next generation cellular networks requires considerations on location management, resource allocation, handoff algorithms and their sensitivity to mobility related features such as velocity of the mobile and the handoff delay. This article presents architecture for seamless location-aware integration of WLAN hotspots into(More)
The Internet of Things presents the user with a novel means of communicating with the Web world through ubiquitous object-enabled networks. Cloud Computing enables a convenient, on demand and scalable network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources. This paper mainly focuses on a common approach to integrate the Internet of Things (IoT)(More)
The main drivers for the mobile core network evolution is to serve the future challenges and set the way to 5G networks with need for high capacity and low latency. Different technologies such as Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) and Software Defined Networking (SDN) are being considered to address the future needs of 5G networks. However, future(More)