Mika Ueyama

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OBJECTIVE This study examines the effect of the Maternal and Child Health (MCH) handbook--a home-based health record--on women's knowledge and behavior in the Jericho and Ramallah Governorates of Palestine. METHODS This study uses a repeated, cross-sectional data set in which pre- and post-intervention situations are incorporated on two groups: those(More)
This article examines the effect of AIDS-related mortality of the prime-age adult population on marriage behavior among women in Malawi. A rise in prime-age adult mortality increases risks associated with the search for a marriage partner in the marriage market. A possible behavioral change in the marriage market in response to an increase in prime-age(More)
This paper surveys the recent progress in modeling agricultural households and then gives an illustrative example of the achievements in child health in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia, paying special attention to the issue of intrahousehold resource allocation. From the empirical example using micro data sets from the Demographic and Health Surveys, a(More)